Conscientiousness is at the core of our philosophy that we bring into our engineering work. We continually enhance our practices to provide our clients with the best engineering and consulting services that we can. Prioritizing the best interests of our clients to produce practical solutions with a thorough and meticulous work ethic is our focus. We know how important properly designed mechanical systems are for the welfare of a building’s occupants and how those systems can create a safe and healthy indoor environment.

As the face and leadership of Auvinbree Services, Kevin has over 14 years of engineering experience in the HVAC, plumbing and fire protection industry. From small retail store renovations to large upgrades for high rise office buildings, Kevin has worked on a wide variety of projects that give him a broad knowledge base to draw upon. He is known for his strong comprehension of the industry’s best practices and for pragmatic solutions to difficult problems.

Kevin’s forthright and collaborative relationships with clients, contractors, municipal inspectors, equipment suppliers and other design professionals helps him advance a smooth construction process for the best overall project results.

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